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At Carriage Hall Assisted Living you will not find any mission statements.  We have built our community with a culture of compassion and caring.  Once we established a culture within, everything we do, along with how we do it, comes out of that culture.


Our 4 Foundations of Care grew from our culture:





These Foundations are at the core of our training and how we provide assistance to our residents.

Our smaller size affords us the ability to offer superior care with high staff to resident ratios.  Much higher than what most skilled facilities offer.  This means our resident assistants are able to offer more one-on-one care and make sure the residents needs are being met.  No long hallways makes it easier for those with mobility issues to get around be a part of all that the community has to offer.  One of the largest benefits of our size is with respect to dining.  We purchase our food from local grocery stores and our meat from local butchers.  This allows us to prepare fresh, delicious meals every day.

Warm and comfortable surroundings welcome visitors to Carriage Hall. Our traditional interior design creates an exceptional senior living environment. The design and layout provides seniors a familiar comfortable lifestyle. Best practices for senior care creates the foundation of our community. Within that, accessible opportunities are available for comfort, contentment + peace of mind. Our care team is exceptionally insightful in enriching the lives’ of seniors.

Within our assisted living community, you find a warm engaging environment only surpassed by the elevated attention that provides life enriching seniors by an astute care team.

Aging at best is a difficult process. Many seniors find themselves unsure and resistant to accepting assistance. Humbling ourselves, being empathetic while developing relationships with our residents establishes credibility. This shows we understand their issues. This approach helps ensure care team members are accepted by residents.

Carriage Hall Assisted Living’s size is by design, as is all that happens within.  Our small size allows for more personal, individualized care.  It also allows for ease of getting around for those with mobility issues.

Our small size allows for truly home-cooked meals.  Our food comes from local grocery stores and our meat comes from local butchers, so it is always fresh.  As we like to say “our mashed potatoes comes from real potatoes.”

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