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We have the utmost admiration for residents. Knowing our residents, allows familiarity of their life experiences. This is key in providing care. Care members receive and study history to highlight moments defining our residents – the greatest generation


Options are available, creating an environment allowing residents input into the way they live. Soliciting ideas from residents for suggestions empowers residents to know they are truly part of a Carriage Hall Assisted Living community


As you are aware, the level of independence is directly related to the level of their health. But our goal is – keep residents as independent as possible. This is vital to anyone’s existence, especially the well-being of residents and members. Our care team is diligent – encouraging resident support to be as active as can be based upon their history. This allows residents to feel empowered – connecting them to their daily life and lives’ of others


While caring for residents, we are vitally aware of the difficulties some residents have in accepting assistance, empathy, and relationships. Assistance with empathy secures a non-intrusive and complimentary method ensuring care is delivered properly and residents are more accepting.

Foundation of Care

A FEW OF THE SERVICES we provide include:





Assistance w/ Medication

Continence Care/Assistance


Three Home-Cooked Meals

Daily Housekeeping


Daily Activities


CARRIAGE HALL ASSISTED LIVING: A senior living community providing care and assistance in a home-like environment. Our senior community cares for those needing a small amount of assistance to those who need dementia care.

Senior living coupled with loving care in a home-like community.  Within, residents find comfort, contentment, and peace of mind in their new home. Our care team is astute in enriching senior living.  Design to layout, seniors enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.  Ask us about our dementia care.


Carriage Hall Assisted Living COVID Response

What a year 2020 has been!  And, unfortunately, looks like 2020 is going to spill into 2021.  Since that appears to be the case, I wanted to articulate what are COVID response has been.  We began many of these at the beginning of March 2020.  Here is currently what we are doing:

Our community is closed to anyone outside of CHAL staff.  We are allowing for only essential repairs to be completed (ie appliances).  All residents are in their rooms while they are there, all staff is distanced 6ft, and everywhere they go is disinfected after they are finished.

All staff, of course, are wearing masks at all time.

Extra disinfecting of commonly touched surfaces.

In June 2020 we invested in an Electro-Static Sprayer that is used to disinfect the entire building 3 times a week.  This includes resident’s rooms.  This link is from a Servpro in Colorado, but it explains the advantages of the Electro-Static Sprayer.


Residents are allowed to leave for necessary medical appointments.

Tours are done virtually.

We are admitting new residents.  They must have a negative COVID test, additionally, we require them the quarantine in their suite for 10 days.

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